Cat with wild feline feel, the Chausie seduces as much by its elegance, its proud aspect and its power as by its character. Hybrid cat creates only a few decades ago, he enjoys spending time with his master as much as spending his energy in wide open spaces.

The origins of the Chausie cat
The Chausie is part of the category of "new breeds" of cats. This feline is a hybrid of domestic cats, primarily the Abyssinian, and Chaus, a wild cat living in an area ranging from Egypt to Southeast Asia. A cross intended to obtain a wild-type cat, but having the character of a domestic cat.
It was in the 1970s that this hybrid cat first appeared in the United States.

The perfect cat
The Chausie is a large cat with a long body and very powerful hindquarters. Its tail is smaller than that of other cats, but must have the same number of vertebrae.
His head is triangular and angular. His cheekbones are marked, his forehead bulging, and there is a slight hollow at the birth of his nose. Medium in size, his eyes are oval, and slightly flattened. As for his ears, they must be large, rounded at the extremity, and endowed with plumes.

The color of the hair
Only three colors are recognized: black, brown ticked tabby and silver tipped.

The character
The Chausie is a cat both affectionate and playful. Very active, extrovert and intelligent, he is close to his master, and can not stand solitude.
Due to its size and power, it is more suitable for living in large spaces.

The Chausie is exposed to intestinal problems. Some do not support gluten, and industrial food.