The cross between two distinct races, the Siamese and the Burmese, produced a third, in which none of the particular genes of one of its two parents prevails over the other, and the result is a cat that Harmoniously combines the qualities of the two, retaining intermediate characteristics: the Tonkinese cat.
In its beginnings, it was called Siamese gold, but, in the sixties, it was admitted with its standard and its new name. It recalls the old type of Siamese and those who are nostalgic will fall in love with him; He is a very lively and very intelligent cat, very sociable and cuddly, who loves to live in company but especially with his master.

The origins of the Tonkinese cat
When this breed was created, the Siamese were cats with a fairly strong backbone, thick tails, light blue eyes, and were characterized by a certain general roundness. This roundness (which they lost today) then lacked the robust Burmese then; However, these two cats were much more balanced than they are today, and the litters of two Tonkinese did not depart at all from the standards of the original breeds of Siamese and Burmese . In fact, when two Tonkinese mate, their cubs will be for half of perfect Tonkinese, a quarter of the Siamese and for the other quarter of the Burmeses: this mixed half no longer corresponds to the current standards of the two races .
Nowadays, if one wanted to recreate a Tonkinese, it would be unthinkable to pair the two races of origin, become too dissimilar to the morphological level; A Siamese and a Burmese of the old type would have to be procured, which is very difficult.

The perfect cat
Mid-length and muscular, the Tonkinese cat has a good weight compared to its average size. The head is inscribed in a triangle a little longer than wide, with rounded contours; The nose is slightly convex, and the ears, inclined towards the front and broad at the base, are rounded at the point and situated in such a manner that the outer edge continues the triangle of the head; The eyes are of medium height and of a marvelous aquamarine color, are inclined, the upper eyelid is curved in almond, while the lower is rounded.

The body, somewhat rectangular, has a round breast, and the hips are taller than the shoulders; The legs, proportioned to the body, have a moderately fine skeleton, with a fine but robust musculature; The posterior ones are a little longer than the anterior ones. The feet are oval, medium in size. The tail is not thick: broad at the base, it refines to the point which is slightly blunted, and its length oscillates between medium and medium length. The hair is very shiny and therefore silky, short but very supplied, fine, soft and adherent.

The hair color
At first, there was only mink (mink); Today, we find Tonkinese cream, red, lilac, blue, chocolate, lilac, tortie, blue tortie and chocolate tortie; The pads, the lips and the truffle match the basic color. Compared to the Siamese, the Tonkinese is much less contrasted between its dark points and the rest of the dress.

The character
The Tonkinese cat possesses all the qualities of its ancestors without having preserved its faults; In fact, it is a splendid union between the excessive Siamese and the placid Burmese. His character is in fact very balanced, intelligent and lively, and he is very attached to his master; All in all, it's a friendly cat with a really charming character.

It has an iron health and requires no special care; Naturally, it will often be necessary to brush it, adopting a soft brush, to retain the brilliance of its wonderful hair.