Do you understand the socialization of the kitten?

For the future owners, it is useful to know how the socialization of the kitten takes place. Indeed, it is necessary to respect a certain time before weaning a kitten to avoid that it misses the steps necessary for its emotional development ...

The importance of respecting the weaning period
Cats, like dogs, are domestic and social animals. Even though cats are less so than dogs, they still need to learn to socialize.
The ideal time to initiate a kitten to social experience is when it is 3 weeks to 12 weeks old.
Thanks to her mother and the contact of humans, the kitten will learn that it can trust and evolve without risk with the individuals, its congeners and the other animals.

Educate your kitten
First of all you have to know how and where your little companion was born in order to anticipate his reactions.
Then, it will be necessary that the arrival at the house takes place smoothly and in a progressive way.
Monitor your children when they are in the presence of their new pet. It must be explained to them that the kitten is a fragile living being, therefore it is forbidden to rush it, and especially it must be handled with caution.
You can offer candy to the kitten when the kitten is sociable and wise.

The socialization of the kitten must be done as quickly as possible
Kittens who were part of a wild litter were not used to contact with man. That is why it will take a lot of patience to educate them.
In addition, it is important to get the kitten as early as possible to human contact, so that he can feel at ease quickly and then throughout his life.

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