New Year with the best cats ^_^

1)      Helps prevent hairball formation by reducing hair ingestion.

2)      Helps stimulate oil production within the skin which promotes a healthy and shiny coat.

3)      Allows the opportunity to check for fleas, ear mites, lumps and other abnormalities of the skin.

4)      Creates a bond between you and your cat

Grooming Short-Haired Cats
Short-haired cats only require being brushed about once a week and if your cat’s coat is not too tangled or matted it should not take any longer than 10-15 minutes. The best grooming tools to use on for a short hair coat is to use a fine-toothed flea comb, bristle brush and a grooming mitten or pad. Ensure that your cat is relaxed and happy before you start to groom. Use the flea comb to check for fleas or flea dirt. If you find any fleas or the flea dirt, call your Guelph veterinarian to discuss your cat’s flea treatment options. Use the brush or grooming pad to gently brush your cat from the head to the tail, removing any dead hair.  If your cat seems agitated by the grooming, it is best to stop and try again at another time. Always end the grooming session with praise or treats for your cat.

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