10 dangerous foods for our dogs and cats

Did you know that certain foods are actually harmful to our animals?

Some foods such as chocolate or tuna can be dangerous to dogs and cats, but they are not the only ones. Discover the list of dangerous foods for your dog and cat.

1. Chocolate (CAT and DOG)
Cocoa contains theobromine which passes quickly into your pet's blood and is very toxic to it. 150 grams of dark chocolate can be enough to kill a 10 pound dog.
Symptoms (vomiting, convulsions, diarrhea and in the most dramatic cases, cardiac disorders that can cause death) usually appear 4 or 5 hours after ingestion.

2. Milk (CAT and DOG)
Rich in lactose, milk and dairy products in general can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other intestinal problems. Our animals do not possess the enzymes to assimilate the lactose well. They can not digest this one properly.

3. The cheese (CAT and DOG)
Very rich in fat, it can cause inflammation of the pancreas, which in some cases can be fatal.

4. Cooked bones (CAT and DOG)
Can break, lodge in the intestines or get caught in the mouth as well as the throat, all bones cooked are to be avoided without exception.

5. Fat (CAT and DOG)
It can cause inflammations of the pancreas that can be fatal if they are not treated in time. In the most severe cases, the animal does not move and suffers when pressed on its belly. It is then necessary to bring it to the veterinarian in emergency.

6. Tuna (CAT and DOG)
Very salty, canned tuna favors degradation of the kidneys and can lead to heart problems. There is however tuna suitable for your pet at your veterinarian.

7. The lawyer (CAT and DOG)
High in fat, it can cause inflammation of the pancreas. Moreover, its nucleus is very toxic because it is rich in persian which is very harmful to the lungs and the heart of our four-legged friends. The nucleus can cause intestinal occlusions if ingested.

8. The grapes (CAT and DOG)
Dry or fresh, they can cause intestinal problems and damage the kidneys. For small dogs, they can cause intestinal occlusion and increase the risk of suffocation.

9. Macadamia nuts (CAT and DOG)
They contain a toxin that attacks the digestive system, the nervous system and the bones of the animal. A few nuts are enough to cause vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties and convulsions. They also increase the risk of suffocation.

10. Salt (CAT and DOG)
Ingested in large quantities, it can lead to an electrolyte imbalance, which results in convulsions, comas, paralysis or cardiac arrhythmias

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