Cats and our health

We are lucky and lucky to love them so much, these little animals, because it seems that their presence has a positive impact on our own health in addition to making us happy simply by their presence. Here are some examples of the beneficial effects of having a cat at home for our own health, according to various scientific studies.

Stress reduction
It is already known that the release of oxytocin, a hormone, into the brain has an important role to play at the time of delivery and breastfeeding, but more recently studies have shown that it also has an effect Beneficial effect on the stress level of people. Indeed, it seems that flattering Minou triggers the relaxation of this hormone and therefore consequently decreases the stress in the person.

Cardiovascular Benefits
In a study of a heart disease prevention program, women over the age of 40 and men of all ages who were pet owners were shown to have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol Did not possess them. A study by Dr. Karen Allen demonstrated that being the owner of an animal improved and stabilized certain measures such as blood pressure and heart rate taken in patients already treated for hypertension with a drug during activity Mental stress.

Less risk of dying
A study in the prestigious Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology showed a link between having a cat and reducing the risk of death from a heart attack or stroke by one-third.

Less risk of being sick
Based on the results of allergy tests performed on 18-year-olds, a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Allergy showed that living with a cat at home during our first year of life would reduce the risk of 'Be allergic to a cat later in life. Another study found that being in contact with a cat in the first year of life of a child decreased the risk of lung infections and other lung problems in that child during the same period.
A study by Dr. James Serpell followed a group of people who recently acquired a cat or a dog at home over a period of 10 months and compared it to a group of animals without animals. The study showed that animal owners reported significantly fewer minor health problems during this period than people without animals.

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