New Year with the best cats ^_^

As we begin 2018, resolutions are made for the upcoming year.  Many pet owners make New Year’s resolutions for their pets. There are a few New Year resolutions we can make for our feline friends that will allow them to become a new cat for the New Year. One such New Year’s Resolution is to help our cat’s look and feel the best they can be through regular grooming. Cats are very effective self-groomers, but they can benefit from a thorough grooming and grooming also strengthens the human feline bond. Here are some grooming tips from your Guelph Veterinarian for cats to help you follow through with your cat’s New Year’s Resolution.

The Benefits of Grooming your Cat

Regular grooming of our feline friends can be challenging but, there are many benefits. Some of the benefits of regular grooming are:


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