Mau Egyptian

The Egyptian Mau cat is a fascinating and elegant cat, with the stained dress that disputes to the Abyssinian the title of the oldest domestic cat whose written record has been preserved. Indeed, effigies of these cats, bearing both the typical ticking of the Abyssinian and the net spotting of the Mau, are represented on Egyptian tombs dating back to 1567 BC. It is not known which of the two was then the cat of the Pharaohs, also loved by the people and precious - great hunter, it saved the gigantic granaries to wheat on which depended the economy of the time of the assaults of the rodents - to the point of being protected by severe laws and venerated in the form of divinity like the goddess Bastet, represented in the form of a cat.

The only certainty is that the two races, originating in the same region, were absolutely natural, that is, they were not created by man. The historian Diodore writes that the Egyptians were preparing for him a "delicious meal" which consisted of bread soaked in milk with chopped fish. Moreover, he was the favorite cat of Chepea, goddess of creation, for her forehead was decorated with a sacred scarab.

A very affectionate cat, his attachment to his master is so strong and so absolute that he seems never to leave his eyes, always attentive to his slightest changes of temper. He is reserved but capable of tender impulses of affection towards his master. In general, he is not very sociable with foreigners because he tends to book his friendship for the people he knows. It adapts to all those who suffer the charm of the past and who love cats with docile and faithful temperament. He is a real domestic cat: he loves the tranquility of the house and the one who has chosen him as a companion. It does not require special care or attention because it also knows how to be independent.

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