Cat boxes and bags

Cat boxes and bags

A great choice of wet food for all felines
Most cats like the appetizing taste and juicy texture of wet foods offered in cans, trays or bags. Compared to croquettes, the texture of moist foods is closer to the food that your cat would naturally be brought to eat in the wild. The wet food also has a higher water content which allows the cat to hydrate indirectly, useful if your pet tends to sulk his tin of water. Another advantage of wet cat food: the variety of textures and flavors makes it possible to offer your cat a more varied food, as it could find if it feeds on its hunting.

Convenient packaging and flavor conservation

Pâtés, pâtés, bites, mousses, terrines and other moist food for cats are generally sold in cans, in fresh bags, in trays or in small bricks. These different packs allow you to choose the most convenient format for you (storage, storage) and for your pet (quantity of daily food, need of conservation of the started product). Large, tinned packages are generally the most economical, but smaller ones allow for more convenient storage and allow for a greater variety of meals (eg, a different flavor per day).

Complete food or supplementary food?

Whether you choose fresh boxes or sachets, the main thing is to make sure that you offer your cat a healthy and balanced diet, guaranteeing its well-being and health:
  • If the wet food is your cat's only food, make sure that the recipes bring it all the nutrients it needs to stay active and in shape without resorting to dietary supplements: they are "complete foods".
  • If the wet food you are proposing to your cat is not complete ("non-complete" or "complementary food"), then make sure to offer your pet other wet or dry foods such as croquettes bringing it Remains of the nutrients necessary for its good health (example: calcium, taurine). For this, refer to the nutritional information of each product.

An infinity of recipes for your cat

The large selection of recipes allows you to find the perfect moist food for your cat. It is up to you to find the one that best suits your needs and tastes:

  • Flavors: red meat, white meat, fish
  • Textures: mousse, terrine, pâté, bite, sliced
  • Ingredients: traditional, from the organic or natural agriculture (no preservatives, artificial colors or additives), with or without grain
  • therapeutic or preventive food: on the advice of your veterinarian to help your cat to fight against certain diseases or conditions
  • Age: special recipes kitten, adult, senior

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