Say, why do dogs dislike cats?

These two pets work differently with an opposite mode of communication. Their positions or the sounds they emit are so incompatible that they often generate tensions between them. One of these characteristics is the tail wiggle for example. For the dog, this movement indicates a form of contentment and satisfaction while for the cat it is totally the opposite! When a cat stirs the tail it is a sign of annoyance that reflects its nervousness.

The explosive pair could still cohabit under the same roof, if the two quadrupeds are raised in an extremely early age. When these two animals are small, they are more likely to learn to know themselves and to be tame once they have reached maturity. As with humans, everything depends on the affinity that the two animals can maintain. An important factor to be able to mix them is space. The cat will tend to want to approach the dog that scares him if he has enough space to run away then.

The cat has a personality focused on its territory, where it drinks and where it eats. On the other hand, the dog is more attentive to the place it occupies among the others, it is more submissive and faithful.

If the little feline is afraid of the dog, it is for a matter of survival above all. As the dog is a larger carnivore, the cat may feel threatened as a prey. These two totally opposite pets have everything to not appreciate but nature sometimes reserves surprises for us.

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