Origins of the cat Scottish

The very strange shape of its ears folded forward, combined with a very tender look, gives the cat Scottish Fold a soft and gentle appearance; But the most pleasant side of this cat is that it unites, to the docility of a perfect domestic cat, vivacity, agility and robustness. Soft and phlegmatic, it is a playmate and ideal cuddling sessions.

Origins of the cat Scottish Fold

A white female called Susie, whose ears had been folded forward by a genetic mutation, was born in Scotland in 1961. A few years later she gave birth to two kittens with the same characteristic, subsequently adopted by English and American breeders . This is how the Scottish Fold breed was created, and was very controversial because, if this cat is really fascinating and has a very good character, the particular fold of its ears predisposes it to the appearance of auricular parasites; Moreover, it is a cat breed facing deafness problems.
However, it was demonstrated that ear parasites could be prevented by simple ears cleaning, as with any other cat, and that congenital deafness was typical of the white Scottish blue-eyed Scottish, and it is known that this handicap is normally associated To these color characteristics for all cat breeds. The real problem was in fact the gene which caused the mutation of the ears, which is also a carrier of osteodystrophy, that is to say serious problems of arthritis which cause the vertebrae of the tail to be welded together and that the joints Legs overlap with cartilage preventing movement.
This was solved when it was discovered that the gene was dominant, so it was sufficient for only one parent to carry it; They were therefore crossed with American and British Shorthairs, and not only among themselves; In this way, by conjuring this serious disease, vigor, vigor and good health were

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