dogs and cats

The dog is a predatory species and consequently its cohabitation with other animal species does not necessarily come from itself.
Owners of dogs and cats are nevertheless numerous, proof that the two species can very well agree.

Good mutual socialization
The cohabitation between a dog and a cat is possible provided that the two animals have been socialized to the other species during their behavioral development because they do not adopt the same codes of communication: postures, movements of the tail ..., Which can be a source of conflict. Cohabitation will be more easily established when the two animals are young.
Ideally, the kitten should be socialized to other animals (and humans!) Between his 2nd and 9th week of life. For the puppy, this range extends from the 3rd to the 8th week of life.
Later socializations will remain possible but will always be more complicated to put in place.
Of course, individual character is an important criterion, as is the breed of the dog (cohabitation will be more difficult with a hunting dog for example) or its level of education and obedience.

Care for Presentations
The presentation stage is tricky and must be well managed by the owner. This should not force contact between the animals.
Ideally, the master should intervene as little as possible and let the animals get to know each other. However, he will ensure their safety, especially if the dog is large.
When the dog is the first to arrive in the home, it is often advised to place the cat in a cage in a room and let the dog come and sniff it by reassuring it and rewarding it if it adopts a non-aggressive behavior.
If the dog is the newcomer, it is best to present it to the cat of the house by holding it on a leash and letting the cat, for example, feel it and approach it as it pleases.

Respecting their individuality
It will then be necessary to respect the intimacy of the two protagonists and that everyone can have access to his eating area, sleeping area and elimination zone (for the cat) without risk of being disturbed by the other animal.
To reserve them an identical treatment (no bullying on an animal) is also a sign of good understanding.
Under these conditions, an intimacy between them should naturally occur.

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