Problems with the articulations of the cat

The cat can suffer from several kinds of bone and joint problems. Here are the main articular pathologies in the cat:

Inflammation of the joints, or arthritis, can occur frequently in the cat for several reasons.
The problem is that owners notice them only when the cat begins to limp in an obvious way.
They do not perceive it otherwise, since the way of walking of the animal compensates relatively well its difficulties of wandering.
If your cat is reluctant to move, it is best to immediately seek the advice of a veterinarian who will examine it and request an X-ray because the clinical examination of the locomotor system usually does not give any indication.

Medial dislocation of the patella
It is a defect of position of the patella which sometimes dislodges from its cavity and moves towards the inside of the knee of the cat.
It can be asymptomatic, but usually the cat boxes from time to time or avoids to the maximum of jumping. It is hereditary in the Abyssinian, Carthusian, Devon Rex, Maine Coon and Persian. The diagnosis is orthopedic and radiographic.

Hip dysplasia
It is an anomaly of conformation of the articulation between the femur and the pelvis (coxo-femoral) which causes an arthrosis of this region over the years. The symptoms are variable: sometimes non-existent, they are manifested on other occasions by intermittent lameness, difficulties to jump and a reluctance to move.
In some breeds (Burmese, Carthusian, Devon Rex, Maine Coon, Persian, Siamese), it is hereditary and often accompanies the medial dislocation of the hip.