Cat Eating Disorders

The cat, unable to hunt for food in your apartment, may show some aggressiveness; This is why the game is fundamental. Also, let him take out the croquettes from his bowl and do not require an impeccable outfit! This will allow him to evacuate his instinctive impulses. And avoid the emergence of eating disorders.

It occurs frequently in cats that are bored or do little exercise during the day. Overconsumption of too fatty foods is also to be pointed at. The cat eats to distract himself, for pleasure as he chases. Weight gain can therefore be rapid.

The cat no longer eats. Apart from all medical causes, this disorder may have a psychological origin. Changes in one's environment or habits (the death of one's master, a repo ...) can be important sources of anxiety. The cat can also try to attract the attention of its master. In this case, do not hesitate to pet him during the meals to reassure him.

Feeding behavior can persist into adulthood. It is common in orphaned frustrated kittens. The animal sucks a stuffed animal and simultaneously kneads the surface.

The pica
This disorder consists in eating non-food substances: wool, elastic ... Anxiety is often at the origin of this behavior.