5 behaviors of cats that prove that they love you

1.When he returns you "gifts".
We tend to be annoyed when our little hairballs come back with their prey. Birds, mice ... Has your cat ever brought back animals that they hunted? Know that in fact he merely thanked you. For him, it's a gift!

 2 .When it gives you small head shots.
Between humans, we do not do that. Or, we do it and it's at the risk of getting very hurt. Besides, to give oneself head shots is not cordial between people. But for cats, it is a great sign of affection. It helps them to present their feelings and when they rub their heads against you it is as if they were trying to leave traces of their smell on you to prove to you that they are happy that you are their master or their mistress .

3.The small nibbles. 
Cats sometimes have this mania when we caress them: they bite us, without hurting us. They have fun nibbling our fingers all the time while all we did was hug them. Just imagine that there is nothing nasty in it but that it is simply a mark of affection towards you. In the end, your cat does not scratch you until the blood so it seems logical!

4. When he kneads your arm like a pie dough. 
It's a little weird, you wonder what they are doing but actually they just do what cats do when they are babies with their mothers when breastfeeding. The message is clear: they love you like a mom! What's more cute? So do not ask more questions when you knead your arm permanently.

5. The inevitable purr. 
When your cat purrs in your arms, it's the jackpot! We all know it: in these moments it is that it is in a true moment of well being. Purring? Effective proof that your cat likes you especially and that it feels good with you.
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