cats tipsy


In July 2017, a black cat was discovered in a mechanical workshop in Brisbane, Australia. Just convulsive and breathing, the poor animal was lying on the ground. The tire shop workers transported the cat to the RSPCA veterinary hospital.

Veterinarian Sarah Kanther realized the cat's symptoms that he must have accidentally drank antifreeze. The only cure for antifreeze poisoning for the cat would be a drop of intravenous alcohol, and there was only one hour window to save his life.

When one of the nurses heard this, she got up and rushed into her bag. She just had a bottle of Absolut Vodka in her purse. After receiving the 20 millitorr (0.68 oz) vodka treatment, Dr. Kanther stated that the cat was clearly drunk. So they decided to name it "Tipsy". The RSPCA hoped to find its owner, but if no one came forward, they planned to put it to adoption.


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