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It was like any other day when 72-year-old Rae Sutton started doing laundry at her home in the West Midlands, UK in late 2017. After 30 minutes, the wash was done. She grabbed her clothes and pulled out a pile of fur instead. Rae was horrified to see the lifeless body of her nine-month-old cat, Tiggy, in the machine with the damp cloth.

In a desperate effort of last resort, Rae gave Tiggy mouth-to-mouth and massaged his stomach. It really worked. Tiggy started breathing again. She took him to the veterinary hospital, where he was in a coma because of head injuries. In just two hours, Tiggy woke up and Rae brought him home to recover.

Shockingly, it was not an isolated incident. There have been at least two other recorded incidents where pet owners accidentally washed their cats with laundry, proving that it is best to check before pressing the "start" button.

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