Three beautiful and short stories I loved the end!

  1. Cat called "miracle"

Linda Ruggere of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, regularly fed stray cats in her neighborhood. She used to see all kinds of cats coming and going from her property. But one day in November 2017, she was shocked to see a cat wander his head stuck in a jar of glass mayonnaise.

He meowed and begged Linda for food. But obviously, he could not eat with the pot on his head. Linda tried to catch the cat for a few days in a row, but she did not have the opportunity to take the glass jar out of her own neck.

It was clear that he would need an operation to remove the glass bottle around his neck. A non-profit animal rescue group called Whiskers World caught the wild cat and brought it to a local veterinary hospital, where the vet was able to remove the pot. They decided to name it "Miracle".

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